Lookout For a New Home

When a young family is on the lookout for a new home, the criteria can be vastly different from that of a single professional or a couple without children. From safety concerns to educational opportunities and spaces for play, the list of considerations grows. If you are in the midst of house hunting for your growing family, here are some key factors to bear in mind.

Consider the local schools and educational facilities

Education is typically at the forefront for parents when selecting a new community to call home. Research the available schooling options within the vicinity of prospective houses. Excellent schools are not only great for your children's development, but they can also have a positive effect on property values. Look for areas with a range of educational institutions, and consider the proximity to these schools—unless you're okay with a longer commute to drop off your children each day. Additionally, accessibility to libraries and educational centres would provide ample learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Look for child-friendly neighbourhoods

The immediate surroundings of your home will become your children’s broader environment and play area as they grow, so a friendly, welcoming neighbourhood is crucial. A close-knit community with a sense of collective responsibility can bring peace of mind, knowing that the children are safe playing outside. Arrange visits to potential houses during different times of the day to get a sense of the neighbourhood’s dynamics. Are there other young families and children playing in the streets? Are there community centres or parks? These are signs of a family-centred neighbourhood.

Inspect the property for safety and space

When viewing homes, keep an eye out for any potential safety hazards, such as steep stairs, large windows, and swimming pools, which will require childproofing. Consider the layout of the home and whether it offers a safe environment for your children to live and play in. While looking at spaces, think about both indoor and outdoor room for your family to grow. Gardens offer space for children to run around and play freely, which is beneficial for their physical and mental development.

Ensure there is potential for expansion

Families often grow, not just in number but also as the children age. This means that the home of today should ideally be able to accommodate the family of tomorrow. Before making an offer on a house, consider its potential for future modifications and expansions. Is there space to add an extra bedroom? Could the attic be converted into additional living space? Having the option to expand will save you from having to house-hunt again in a few years.

Keep your commute and accessibility in mind

Your daily commute can significantly impact your quality of life and family time. When searching for a new home, think about the accessibility to your workplace, main roads, and public transportation. Spending less time commuting means more time spent with your family. Additionally, evaluate the convenience of having essential amenities nearby, such as grocery stores, medical facilities, and entertainment options.

Consider the resale value and the investment aspect

Finally, while it might seem premature to think about selling before you've even bought the house, the investment aspect is important. Consider the potential resale value of the property you’re interested in. A good school district, a safe neighbourhood, and a flexible, spacious home are not only beneficial to you but will also be attractive to future buyers.